EZY Corporation grows industries and opportunities, and with the combined intellect of over 600 employees, across 20 nationalities, we are strategically positioned to engage with and exploit the growth of the world’s most exciting economies via a prevalent network of partners, vendors and customers addressing an accumulated GDP of US $3 Trillion.

Be it for private sector expansion or even better national services, EZY Corporation lets you engage with more than what you’ve imagined possible.

Imagine the possibilities of your business having access to a population exceeding

700 million people overnight

Imagine a

$600 million diversified enterprise

enterprise that allows you to instantly engage with the fastest growing economies in the world?

Imagine a platform across Asia with

market-ready infrastructure
and human capital in 12+ countries

with the ability to evangelise and help brands engage with maximum efficiency and minimum resource deployment?

EZY Corporation was founded in 2000 as a Technology Distributor for Computer Components Over 1000 People interacting.

With a structured growth plan in 2011, the company expanded into the Enterprise Sector by becoming an Oracle Value Added Distributor for Pakistan.

Today we are,

professionals who specialize in Enabling Technology Solutions across Asia.
We are about
Bridging the Digital Divide
by being an efficient conduit that connects Developing Economies with Technology Enablers.
Glimpse of EZY Corporation

USD 450 MN.

Diversified Enterprise

We operate in Developing economies in asia with highest growth prospects
Each company operates with 100% Native Employees

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