Imagine the possibilities of your business having access to a population exceeding

700 million
people overnight

Imagine a

$600 million
diversified enterprise

enterprise that allows you to instantly engage with the fastest growing economies in the world?

Imagine a platform across Asia with

market-ready infrastructure
and human capital in 12+ countries

with the ability to evangelise and help brands engage with maximum efficiency and minimum resource deployment?

At EZY Corporation, we envisioned this,
and for over 15 years this has been the world’s reality.

Multiple Business Verticals

Today, EZY Corporation has successfully formed partnerships in multiple business verticals which instantly connect your business to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan, Malaysia, Thailand and Maldives.

Fastest way to get around the world’s largest continent

Our unique engagement model, consisting of over 10,000 channel partners and a quarter of a million warehousing, makes us the fastest way to get around the world’s largest continent and engage with the world’s fastest growing economies. Thus, EZY Corporation has been the leading distributor for Automobiles, Lubricants, Information Technology, Consumer Products, Consumer Electronics, and Pharmaceuticals, across Asia.

Growing industries & opportunities

EZY Corporation grows industries and opportunities, and with the combined intellect of over 600 employees, across 20 nationalities, we are strategically positioned to engage with and exploit the growth of the world’s most exciting economies via a prevalent network of partners, vendors and customers addressing an accumulated GDP of US $3 Trillion.
Be it for private sector expansion or even better national services, EZY Corporation lets you engage with more than what you’ve imagined possible.

Engage with

Engage with


628.4 billion


161.5 Million

GDP Growth


Government Spending


Garment exports account for more than 80% of the country’s total exports.

The financial sector of Bangladesh is the second largest in the subcontinent.

Bangladesh has been classified among the Next Eleven (Numeronym N-11) emerging market economies.

Steady export growths in the garment sector combined with remittances from overseas Bangladeshis are key contributors to Bangladesh`s sustained economic growth and rising foreign exchange reserves.

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