Huawei – SAP HANA Event – Karachi

EZY along with HUAWEI conducted a Huawei SAP HANA Event under the theme “Enabling Real-Time Insight to Your Enterprise Through Certified Huawei HANA Solutions.” The event is all about the new converged infrastructure solution from Huawei. SAP HANA is the market-leading in-memory computing platform that can be deployed either as an appliance or in the cloud, and is ideally suited to run real-time analytics and applications. Huawei’s ongoing commitment to innovate for optimal use of the SAP Hana platform has led to this FusionCube solution.

Huawei SAP HANA Event to be held at 9:30 (a.m.) on March 22, 2017 in Movenpick
Hotel (Ball Room C), Karachi, Pakistan,

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